About us


Basketball and sports connect youth with their culture through a common language crossing generational, social, and racial barriers. The activity that a young person pursues influences the type of person he or she becomes. The experience that comes with participation in basketball builds discipline, character, pride, and self-confidence at a crucial age and forms the springboard to even greater achievements in adulthood

The XPRESS GRASSROOTS SPORTS, INC Programs permanently enrich the lives of young people through a commitment to youth development and performance excellence while providing enjoyment for our local community and audiences nationwide.



The XPRESS GRASSROOTS SPORTS, INC is built on the belief that learning happens everywhere: basketball court, classroom, and the community, knowing that all youth can learn, achieve success, and become positive and productive members of their communities.


The XPRESS GRASSROOTS SPORTS, INC offer young men and women between the ages of 8 and 18 quality educational and athletic experiences in the areas of Basketball and Character Education. Founded in 2008, The XPRESS GRASSROOTS’ objective is to develop personal character through challenging physical, emotional, mental, and social activities while promoting the values of dedication, hard work, and commitment to a team effort.

Entirely community-funded, the direction of XPRESS GRASSROOTS SPORTS, INC is guided by a dedicated and unified effort of volunteer parents and a professional teaching staff, who work in close harmony with the young members to create and maintain a proud, responsible, youth organization. All uniforms and equipment are provided to participants who pay a modest annual participation fee.